Collection: Ornament Collection

Step into a world where artistry meets local pride, with the TCO Home Ornament Collection by The Gilbert T-Shirt Co. Our curated selection of ornaments is more than just holiday decor – it’s a celebration of our community, our shared memories, and the creative spirit that binds us.

Every piece in this collection encapsulates the essence of local charm, reminding us of the streets we've walked, the landmarks we cherish, and the tales that shape our shared history. Alongside these local-themed treasures, you'll find a myriad of other handcrafted ornaments, each bearing a unique design and a story of its own.

Meticulously crafted and brimming with detail, our ornaments serve as delightful additions to your festive decor or as cherished gifts to loved ones. Whether it's the shimmering reflection of a well-known local site or the intricate craftsmanship of a whimsical design, these ornaments are destined to find a special place on your tree and in your heart.

Let your holiday season sparkle with memories, local pride, and artful elegance. Discover the magic of the TCO Home Ornament Collection and adorn your home with pieces that resonate with both tradition and creativity.